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Cash Baker
OMG!!!!!!!! please contacted me!! my e-mail is ( I want to become a social media celebrity and a model please contacted me
Cash Baker
Dear Cash,

Oh my god! Hi! My name is Finley, and I love you so, so, so, SOOOOOOO much! When I discovered you I was like this guys kind of cute, and now i'm like oh my god Cash is so adorable, and hilarious, and sweet! I love you so much. Once I was having a terrible day, I had been bullied, and I was crying then I saw you, and I smiled, and I was happy. So thank you for making the past 2 years of my life wonderful. I also love you songs! You and Mav are really good singers, and I was so so sad that I couldn't come to your concert, but I'll go to your next one! I promise. I also hope one day I'll finally get to meet you. You always make me smile, and laugh. You mean the world to me, and I love you. Thank you for being you, and for being a sweet, wonderful, funny, kind, and amazing person. You mean the world to me and I love you! And I know you probably get loads of fan mail, but if you could maybe find the time to write back to me, that would be one of the best days of my life! So if you can please do! I love you Cashie, your the best!!!

Finley Haas
by: Tiana
Maverick Baker
i am one of ur biggest fans i hope u decide 2 email me back ❤😍☺😂