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Maverick Baker

date of birth

Birth Date:
December 13, 2000

Place of birth

United States

Real Name

Real Name:
James Maverick Baker

Birth Zodiac Sign

Zodiac Sign:

Height in feet

6’ ft 0 inch (182cm approx)


Net Worth:
400 000 $

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Biography and Occupation:

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Maverick Baker is a talented teenager whose biography is remarkable for the early flourish of his artistic career.

He was born on the 13th of December, 2000 in Oklahoma. He and his family reside in the city called Henryetta (Oklahoma). heart_eyes

The family of the Bakers is a friendly unit where the atmosphere is artistic and encouraging. The parents have managed not only to give birth but also to bring up there stars one of whom is Maverick.

He started working on Tik Tok not so long ago and has won a great popularity for his videos. As the boy is a specialist in American and European pop-culture he makes a qualitative musical content and a hilarious comedy content. crown

He is also a sportsman who is keen on swimming and diving and motor racing. His sporty figure and a nice look make his rather attractive for his followers on his social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter. There are millions of people who are interested in the bio of this charming fellow, so his pictures of everyday routine in which he shows his siblings as well. 

Having grown up in a big family he is neither greedy nor jealous for fame. He promotes his younger brother and elder sister on his social nets and helps them gain even more popularity then they have.


Maverick and his Brother - Cash Baker


Maverick has a younger brother for whom he is a promoter, protector and the best example in life. His brother’s name is Cash. heart

The Baker boys are known for their collaboration channel on You Tube. Their first work done together is called ‘I Love This Life’. This is a performance made in the style of lip-synching. The boys obtained a lot of followers thanks to that version of the song by Locash. The brothers take after each other.

They are both smart and cute fellows with sparkling blue eyes and funny ruffled blond hair. But it is not their handsome appearance that makes Cash and Maverick Baker popular. They have sincere and friendly relations which is obvious in their pictures and videos. That makes the hearts of the audience melt. 

tik tok

Tik Tok Star

Story, Reason and Secret of Success:

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He became a star of this net when it was still called ‘Musical.Ly’. On his Tik Tok account he uploads his works that are created on the basis of contemporary pop-masterpieces.

Maverick is also interested in rock and in rap. So, he has lip-synch versions of the songs created by such monsters as Lil Peep, Ariana Grande, Adam Levine, Lil Tracy and many others. crown

Special attention should be paid to his comedy content. Maverick uploads his challenges, pranks and tricks on Tik Tok. More than that, he collaborates with Cash Baker. In November, 2018 they created a song called ‘The Way You Move’.

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How Old is Maverick Baker?:

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Maverick Baker is a kid who was born in the beginning of the millennium. Despite his young age he has achieved a lot in the sphere of music and acting.

He was born on the 13th of December, 2000. The fact how old is the fellow plays not such a great role as he has used his years to the full and has achieved a lot of fame just using contemporary devices and Internet accounts to promote himself. please

Maverick is a Sagittarius ♐. People who are born under this sign have a very brave nature. They are not afraid to learn and do new things they are not frightened by fails and difficulties. They are generous and noble to all the people and modest enough to admit other people’s gains.

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net worth

Net Worth

Maverick Baker Net Worth and Money Today:

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Maverick’s net worth is about $0.4m (400 000$). dancer

He is so young and so devoted to his occupation that money is not the subject that really matters for him.



Infromation about Mom:

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The name of this woman is also not showed off by Maverick.

We know that her name is Tara Maverick, heart

It is known that she is a really good mom who has put all her soul into the upbringing of her kids. It is a great challenge to be a mother of stars but she has succeeded in this task.



Information about Dad:

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The father of Maverick is James Baker. strong

He prefers to stand in the shadow and enjoy the fame of his children. Like a typical upright dad he has contributed all his experience and skills into Maverick and his siblings and has stepped aside modestly.

maverick baker with brother cash baker
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Facts about Girlfriends:

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As Maverick is a very cute boy his sexual orientation is a burning question for his fans.

He is a straight fellow who is fond of girls. heart

Maverick is rather modest and is shy to show off his personal relations. But it is known that among his girlfriends was Jordan Scott. She is an Internet celebrity as well. She has become popular due to Maverick who has promoted her. They have collaborated together and have made a number of videos which are rather popular. It is obvious that Jordan became a girlfriend of Maverick due to her talent and artistic skills.

As a true creator he values not only beauty but also talent in people.

maverick baker girlfriend
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Height / How Tall?

Height in Feet:

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Maverick has a good height.  It is approximately 1,82 meters or 6f 0 inches. walk

It is not the height that makes this person distinguishable. Is it important how tall an artist is if he is athletic, quick, funny and handsome?

maverick baker height
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What about Merchandise or Shop?:

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Maverick is just a young boy who has not realized that his popularity can bring him a lot of greens.

His fans are looking forward to his merch that will let them enjoy listening to his songs and enjoying his videos on discs of special editions. wink

They would be happy to buy posters with his cute face and the mugs with his quotations.

The majority of girl-fans would gladly order T-shirts with the prints of him and his current girlfriends to have their relations as a positive example. It would be a great pleasure for sporty fellows to buy snickers of Maverick’s own brand. He is a sporty guy and really knows what snickers should be.


Video With Maverick Baker

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