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Lil Pump

date of birth

Birth Date:
August 17, 2000

Place of birth

Miami, FL

Real Name

Real Name:
Gazzy Garcia

Birth Zodiac Sign

Zodiac Sign:

Height in feet

171 CM (5ft 7inch)


Net Worth:

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Biography and Occupation:

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Lil Pump has a biography which reflects his hard life and a lot of difficulties that he has suffered since his childhood.

He was born in Miami. His date of birth is the 17th of August, 2000. When the kid was only six his parents decided to part. Later on Lil had great troubles at school because he had a psychological trauma.worried

When Lil was in his early teens he happened to meet Omar Pineiro. This artist has a pseudonym Smokepurrp. Thus the bio of a rebellious teen turned into biography of a real rapper. When the performers were in high school they were expelled for fighting. Thus, Lil got education in a specialized school of alternative education.

He started his career on the application SoundCloud where he uploaded his first creations. They were the songs ‘Gang Shit’, ‘Lil Pump’, ‘Elementary’ and many other ones.strong

Already in 2016 Lil was invited to take part in s special tour called ‘No Jumper Tour’. He was also a participant of rap festivals, for instance, ‘Rolling Loud Festival’. In 2017 the performer created the songs ‘Boss’ and ‘D Rose’.

He gained a great popularity on SoundCloud and due to this fact we was noticed by producers one of whom was Cole Bennett. This very person directed the first music video of Lil Pump. He has a contract with recording companies, such as Tha Lights Global and Warner Brothers. The last contract was withdrawn a bit later. The year 2017 is remarkable for the artist as his first album was created and released. It was ‘Lip Pump’. The biography of the performer is remarkable not only due to his quick rise to fame and popularity. He has worked together with such artists as Maluma, Lil Yachty and Rick Ross.

Lil Pump has a typical bio of a hip-hopper because he has been arrested several times and in 2018 spent some particular time in jail. He had problems with the law because he had been holding a weapon having no license, he had had a number of times driving drunk. He was also charged for a scandal at the airport. He has also been accused of being a racist as when he had performed some of his songs he had pulled his eyelids in the sides making fun of Asian typical features.

Despite the fact that the performer has a scandalous behavior he is really loved by the public.

He has been nominated for awards, in the number of which are ‘Billboard Music Awards’ and ‘MTV Video Music Awards’. These nominations are achieved thanks to his song ‘Gucci Gang’ and album ‘Lil Pump’.crown

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How Old is Lil Pump?:

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He was born on the 17th of August, 2000. waving-hand

The name of Lil Pump is remarkable because he had managed to gain worldwide recognition by the age of sixteen.

By the age of seventeen he had become an artist who had had a chance to collaborate with Lil Yachty and with other rappers. For some people it takes years and even decades to achieve the same, that is why the question ‘How Old?’ relation to this rapper does not mean much.

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About Education

What about Education and School or University?:

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The education that the young performer has managed to get is not a regular one. When he was in high school he was thrown out for a fight and had to get alternative education that was combined of home-schooling and individual lessons. Later on there started his career of a musician and he devoted all his time and energy to it. So, there is no information about his studies at college or his attempts to get some degree.

There are rumors that the singer was expelled from Harvard. We can't answer this question with 100% confidence, but he wrote about it in his instagram.

There is no evidence for it and it looks like a joke.bowtie
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net worth

Net Worth

Lil Pump Net Worth and Money Today:

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The net worth of the young artist is really incredible. Having been in show biz only for several years he has earned more money than any of the prominent and experienced stars.

When he just started his career in 2016 he made about 100 thousand dollars. In 2018 he announced the information that his net worth was more than 7 million dollars. Today in 2019 it is approx. 9.5 million dollars. fire

It is not surprising as his videos and tracks have millions of views. He has won the first places in Billboard chart. More than that, he has contracts with recording companies that are famous all over the world. More than that, he has a successful merch which includes distributing clothes with his name printed.

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Information about Mother and Father:

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The information about the parents of the star is disclosed. According to some sources both of his parents were from Columbia.

As for the roots, his mother is a Cuban and his father is a Mexican. It is known that Lil Pump has a half-brother. Some sources insist that he is his elder sibling. 

As for the childhood of the performer, he was raised not in a rich family.unamused  He was brought up in middle-class quarters and grew up in the street. According to the police reports once he was arrested because he had been keeping a gun in the flat of his mother that proves the fact that the young man has a big trust to her.



Facts about Girlfriends:

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There are different rumors concerning the private affairs of Lil Pump. Some of the fans claim that he dated a famous performer Amber Rose. They made such a conclusion because they had been seen together during a music festival.

The other sources insist that his girlfriend is Bhad Bhabie who is a famous hip-hop singer and who is an Internet influencer. The singer neither confirm nor rejects the versions.high-heel



Lil Pump Tattoos and Body Symbols:

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The artist is also famous for his tattoos. He has crosses on his face and burning skulls on his neck. On his chest there is the image of the logo of Gucci and on his arm here is a pineapple. You can see some tattoos on photos here. sunglasses

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lil pump tattoo
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real name

Real Name / Full Name

Real Birth Name:

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As the majority of hip-hop performers, Lil Pump has chosen a pseudonym for stage.

His birth name is Gazzy Garcia. smirk The stage name which he chose two years ago has become rather distinguishable in the music sphere.

In April 2018 the performer surprised and a bit astonished his fans when he announced that he would rather change his pseudonym into the nick Jetski. It was in a short video which was uploaded on his account. Later the video disappeared and the performer is Lil Pump again. It is not the real name or the stage name that make Lil Pump a star. His fans are waiting for his new creations.


Height / How Tall?

Height in Feet:

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It is always in the sphere of interests of fans to learn how tall their idol is.

The height of Lil Pump is about one meter and sixty-seven santé meters (1m 67cm) or 5 feet 4 inches. walk

 He has a delicate build. He is slim, sporty and slender.

His height and small body mass create a special stage image – this young and thin boy comes to the audience and explodes it with the strength of his voice.

lil pump height
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Is He Dead?

Dead or Alive?:

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There are a lot of artists who have a stage name which starts with ‘Lil’. It is a cause of some confusion especially when there are some unchecked gossip on the Internet. When the frightened fans of Lil Pump ask the question ‘Is he dead?’

It happens because of the confusion of his name with the name of the late Lil Peep who passed away in 2017. disappointed_relieved

Video With Lil Pump

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