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Billie Eilish

date of birth

Birth Date:
December 18, 2001

Place of birth

Los Angeles, CA

Real Name

Real Name:

Birth Zodiac Sign

Zodiac Sign:

Height in feet

5’ feet 3 inches (160cm)


Net Worth:
$6m ($6 000 000 million)

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Biography and Occupation:

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Billie Eilish is a person whose life and biography is in the sphere of interest of many people.

She was born on the 18th of December, 2001, in Los Angeles. dancer

Her family consists of people of artistic professions. No wonder that the young performer is so talented. She was raised in a special atmosphere of music and creativity. Ever since she was a small kid she has been trained in singing and dancing. As for her regular education, she did not attend school as her parents wanted her to be taught at home.relaxed

When Billie was only nine she became a member of Los Angeles Children’s Chorus. The practice in singing given to her there contributed much to her artistic image. When she was about eleven she started to try her hand as a songwriter and a performer. She took an example from her brother who is a singer and a songwriter as well.

The first song performed by the young artist was called ‘Ocean Eyes’. waving-hand

This single had been created by Billie’s brother whose name is Finneas. The girl performed the song and uploaded it on SoundCloud. The song became viral almost immediately. It was in 2015 and this year can be officially considered to be the start of Billie’s bio as a singer. Later on there was a music video created and released.

In 2017 Billie created her first extended play which she titled ‘Don’t Smile At Me’. The EP got many warm critical reviews and attracted the attention of the audience to the young singer. In 2017 Billie tried her hand in collaboration. One of her partners in making music became Vince Staples. They made remixes together.blushblush

Later on there was a collaboration work with Khalid. The girl has already been on a tour. It was in April 2018. The event was titled ‘Where's My Mind Tour’ and had a smashing success.

In 2019 there are the plans for the so-called ‘1 by 1 Tour’.

In 2017 Billie released one more extended play called ‘Up Next Season’. Despite her young age Billie is a recognizable figure in the show biz of the USA.

She is an Internet influencer who has a tremendous number of fans who are looking forward to her next works.relieved

In 2018 there was a new song released. It was planned to belong to the new album which was planned to release in 2019. The song was titled ‘You Should See Me In The Crown’.

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How Old is Billie Eilish?:

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The majority of music-lovers ask the question: ‘How old was Billie Eilish when she started music?

Billie Eilish began taking part in concerts when she was only eight or nine years of age.flushed

 So, it can be officially noted as the time of the start of her music career. She was admitted to Los Angeles Children’s Chorus at that time. The girl was born on the 18th of December, 2001. When she was only sixteen she became popular due to her performing of her brother’s song called ‘Ocean Eyes’. It is hard to say if the fact how old a singer is plays a part in his or her career if he managed to sing together with Khalid and Vince Staples just at the age of seventeen.

billie eilish age
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net worth

Net Worth

Billie Eilish Net Worth and Money Today:

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The income of the young star is really considerable.

It is not so easy even for old-hands in music to earn a net worth of about 6 million dollars ($6m) which she, according to different sources, has made.fire

The money comes from her numerous concerts which she gives for her fans. It is also earned due to her accounts on music platforms, for example, SoundCloud where she has enormous quantity of runs.

More than that, Billie is also a professional dancer as well that allows her to take part in the creation of her own music videos that really deserve attention and bring her a lot of followers on social nets.

billie eilish net worth
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Infromation about Mom:

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Her mother’s name is Maggie Baird.smirk

She is an actress. She is known for her part in the film ‘Life Inside Out’ and for being a mom of two distinguished musicians who are Billie and her brother Finneas. Maggie is also a famous voicing actress. She is well-known for her character whose name is Samara in the wok ‘Mass Effect 2’.

Billie eilish Mother
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Information about Dad:

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Billie was grown up in an artistic family.

Her Dad’s name is Patrick O’Connell. He is a professional actor.strong

He has been shown in such movies as ‘Life Inside Out’ and ‘The West Wind’. Billie’s father has managed to bring up who artists in his family, one of whom is Billie herself and the other one is her brother Finneas who is a singer as well.

Billie eilish Father
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Billie Eilish Brothers and Sisters:

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Billie has a brother who is a musician himself. According to various sources she does not have any more siblings except Finneas-O-Connel.sunglasses

He is her elder brother. He contributed much to her development as a singer. He is a member of the group called ‘The Slighty’.

billie eilish brother
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Sexual Orientation


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The sexuality of any star is a talking point for the fans. If we speak about Billie Eilish the question about her sexual orientation arises rather soon because of the stereotypes that are triggered by her stage image. Having a really sporty and trained figure of a professional dancer Billie can seldom be seen in feminine clothes that would show off her gorgeous forms.

She prefers to wear loose pants and boyish sporty jackets. She does not support the looks of a sweet pink blondie that is so closely associated with singing. That is why looking at her performing on the stage can’t hall asking: “Is Billie Eilish straight?smirk

Having a sharp sense of humor the performer never loses a chance to mock over her fans on social nets and sometimes she writes about her being straight and she disproves this almost at once admitting that she is a lesbian and enjoys the comments coming afterwards. smile

For clever people it is obvious that the singer is too young to be fully focused on her relations and boyfriends and too clever to develop this topic on social nets and in her interviews. She shows a distinct wish to close her own private affairs from the view of the public. And this wish definitely deserves respect.



What about Merchandise or Shop?:

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All the fans are looking forward to the merch of their beloved artist to get his posters or a T-shirt with the print of his picture or a logo.

As for Billie Eilish, she has a developed merch as there is her official site on the net where the visitors can buy the tickets for her upcoming concerts.nail-polish

There are also webstores where her fans can buy a poster for about ten bucks. There are stores of clothing which is mainly of unisex style.

  • A T-shirt with her photo printed costs about 25 dollars.
  • A hoodie is offered for about fifty bucks.
  • There are also stickers and sell-phone cases that can be ordered for 20 dollars.
Link to Billie Eilish merch shop HERE.


Video With Billie Eilish

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  1. avatar
    by: Miguel
  2. avatar
    by: emily
    you are my insperation and u have the same birthday as me billie
  3. avatar
    she is straight not gay. get it right
  4. avatar
    If Billie was straight, lesbian, or even bisexual she would still be the same person that inspires many people she is beautiful and talented and one day I hope I meet her. ❤️ She is loved by many and especially by me, keep up the amazing work Billie 😊❤️
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    💥Excellent 💣
  6. avatar
    by: Ollie
    I think Billie has the coolest name in the world. I didn't even know you could put "pirate" in a name, but it happen and it made her name 10 times better than any other name.
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    by: Qwerta
    Lol Billie has the same zodiac sign as ne
  8. avatar
    by: Lulana
    Sooo, I was drawing a picture of your logo for someone, and I wanted to know if you support the LGBTQ community.
  9. avatar
    by: Nana
    Billie Eilish can date who ever she want with out you guys knowing the person and gender
    like dude mind your own business
    p.s i really want to me her so bad but i know it is never gonna happen but i want her to know that with out her i won't be who i am today

    if i every met her i would probably would cry
    if i don't i am just grateful that i have a chance to listen to her but my biggest dream is to meet her literally
    she has a voice i never heard it like wow you leaves you speechless i really want to tell her that in person but ik that all dreams don't come true
    and definitely not this one but i am not just gonna give up on my dream i love you so much billie
  10. avatar
    by: Mckenzie
    Hey Billie,
    All I want to say is thank you so much for everything you do.I use to be depressed and cry a lot and whenever I was sad I would turn on your music and I would just wipe away my tears and vibe in the bathroom. Tbh I don’t k kw what I would do without you. I love you so so so much and just thank you!
  11. avatar
    by: Poppy
    Hi! Billie, I don't care if your straight, lesbian, or anything else. You are amazing anyway, never doubt yourself x I'm bisexual and I don't care what other people think <3 I know you're straight though xD


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