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Kristopher Nava (T3R Elemento)

date of birth

Birth Date:
June 25, 2000

Place of birth

United States

Real Name

Real Name:

Birth Zodiac Sign

Zodiac Sign:

Height in feet

5 ft 9 in (175 cm)


Net Worth:
Approx. $0,5m ($500 000)

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Biography and Occupation:

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Kristopher Nava was born on the 25th of June, 2000, in the United States. explosion

He has become rather famous though not so much is known from his biography and home life. It is known that he has always been interested in music and has always been a good singer in the genre Regional Mexican. Not so many details are known about the foundation of the group where Kristopher Nava is performing now. When he was in his middle teens he met Zeus Games, Filipe Prieto and Sergio Cardenas.

Starting from that point the bio of an average boy who is interested in music is over and there starts the biography of a solo singer. The boys organized a band which consisted of four members. Sergio plays the electric guitar, Zeus is the accordionist. As for Filipe, he plays the requinto. Kristopher is the vocalist and the guitar player there.

The band that the boys established in 2015 was called T3R Elemento. waving-hand

Now Kristopher is fully associated with this band and has the same nickname. In 2015 the group became rather popular among the locals in the neighborhood as the boys performed at school parties and city concerts. Later they established a channel on You Tube and got a smashing number of fans there. In 2017 they created a studio album called ‘Underground’.

T3R Elemento


Kristopher has a stage name which is at the same time the title of his band. It is called ‘T3R Elemento’.heart_eyes

On social nets the performer can be found under this nickname as well. There are several reasons for that. He was really the founder of this band and does not see any possibility to create without it.

That is why if you would like to search the information about the singer, his upcoming concerts and the ticket price on the net it is easier to find him under this nickname of his band.


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About Birthplace

Where Kristopher Nava (T3R Elemento) was Born?:

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There are definitely some people in the United States that can boast that they were born in the birthplace of Kristopher Nava. wink

Maybe they would be able to satisfy the curiosity of the singer’s fans and speak not only about his birthplace and the school he attended, but also about the neighborhood where he was raised and the friends with whom he hung about in the streets. The fans of Kristopher Nava would be grateful for any piece of information concerning that. relieved He has become a star of such a level that any detail of his childhood, his habits, likes or dislikes is valuable to those who love music.



How Old is Kristopher Nava (T3R Elemento)?:

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It is always interesting to know how old your idol is.

Kristopher Nava was born in 2000. His date of birth is the 25th of June. His Zodiac sign is Cancer. strong

 This is one of the most creative signs among all. Cancers are talented, quick-thinking and witty. They are always ready to make something new and unusual. Kristopher had achieved much even before he came of age. When he was only fifteen he established a band. When he was seventeen he became an author of a studio album. When he was at the age of sixteen he had already become a famous performer on Billboard’s Regional Mexican Songs Chart due to his song which is called ‘Rafa Caro’.

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About Education

What about Education and School or University?:

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Everyone is interested in the education of their favorite artists/ Kristopher’s fans ask often ask the question: ‘What school did Chris Nava go to?’ Unfortunately they cannot get the answer because he is not inclined to speak about his school years and classmates.

It is obvious that the solo performer of the band T3R Elemento was educated in the sphere of music and had some teachers that developed his artistic skills. crown



Infromation about Mom:

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His Mother's name is Teresa Cervantes. neutral_face

He does not give any hint of her presence on his accounts and in his interviews keeping the names of his mom, dad and possible siblings in deep secret.



Information about Dad:

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It has become a good tradition among the younger generation of performers not to tell about their parents.

The name of Kristopher’s dad is not available now. worried

 The young man clearly sees the line between the world of art and the real world. That is why the name of his father as well as of the other relatives is not revealed.



Facts about Girlfriends:

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One of the most burning questions that arise when people speak about artists is their sexual orientation.

As for Kristopher Nava and the members of the band T3R Elemento, their sexual orientation is not disclosed and is not much spoken about. unamused

 The young performers are so deeply absorbed in the work that they are doing that they do not nave either time or desire to develop this theme.

The vocalist of the group Kristopher does not tell anyone about his relations, former or current girlfriends and dating. He makes good music, develops his singing skills, travels much and communicates with his fans on safer topics.

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Height / How Tall?

Height in Feet:

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Kristopher is too modest and serious to publish the information about his weight, height and other body measurement. They all can be judged according to the pictures and the videos that can be found on his channel and accounts.

He is rather slim and sporty and has a medium height (approx. 5 ft 9 in or 175 cm) walk

He is undistinguishable from any other cute boy that can be met in the street until he starts singing and playing the guitar. Listening to him his girl-fans forget about all the minor things as height or build because their hearts are melting.

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Video With Kristopher Nava (T3R Elemento)

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    I love u and all your music my fav is antes y Despues de ti Que Bonita banda echale con Ganas te queremos mucho ok adios amorsito!!!!!!!!!😇😂💘💘💘💘💘💖💖💖💖💖💞💞💃💞💞💞💞😈😈💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘😍😍😍😍😍😍😎😘😜😝puro gang gang fooooooo!


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