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Ayla Woodruff

date of birth

Birth Date:
August 26, 1992

Place of birth

United States

Real Name

Real Name:

Birth Zodiac Sign

Zodiac Sign:

Height in feet

4 FT 11 IN OR 150 CM


Net Worth:
$200 thousand dollars ($200 000)

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Biography and Occupation:

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Ayla Woodruff was born and brought up in a big family where there were three other kids except herself. high-heel Ayla was a sporty teenager who was interested in different school events and plays. Being active and creative the girl had a lot of fans already at school. Later on after she had graduated from the University of California she realized that office work was too dull for her. The young girl decided to do something creative and became a helper of her friend whose name Logan Paul. She assisted him in his creating the content on his You Tube channel. Later on the young star realized that making videos was really her cup of tea.

Since that time the biography of a real Internet influencer starts. Ayla opened her account on You Tube and started making videos devoted to lifestyle, makeup, travelling and fitness. dancer

She did not conceal any of the facts from her biography including her private matters and her love life.

She is a real idol for the young women around the world as she has become a true friend for them. Being beautiful she teaches them simple methods of keeping fit. Being emotional and funny, she is not shy to reveal some private facts from her bio that can encourage and support the girls when they have parted with their friends.

Ayla is also an Instagram celebrity as she has a gorgeous body and is not afraid to show it. nail-polish

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How Old is Ayla Woodruff?:

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The girl has never been shy to speak about her age and the date of birth.

She was born on the 26th of August, 1992. waving-hand

 All the admirers of her beauty would like to know how old she is. When she was about eleven she was invited to take part in the movie which was titled ‘Cheaper By The Dozen’. Unfortunately, the scene with her participation was cut out.

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Ayla Woodruff Brothers and Sisters:

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Ayla is the eldest sister in the family. She has three siblings. Their names are Riana, Trevor and Blake. heart

fire Her brother Trevor is a young actor. He has played in the film called ‘Whisper’. Despite his young age he is a promising artist and he is very popular on his social nets accounts.
fire Her sister Riana is an Instagram celebrity. She started her work on social nets in 2015 and now she has reached a great success due to her pleasant and photogenic appearance.
fire The real pride of the family is Ayla’s younger brother whose name is Blake Woodruff. He is a film star who has taken part in the movies ‘Crying Boy In The Blind Horizon’ and ‘Cheaper By The Dozen’.

Ayla Woodruff brother - Blake Woodruff
photo: instagram.com/ayla_woodruff



What about Boyfriend?:

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Ayla is loved by the audience because she is quite frank about her relationship with boys.

She has a straight orientation and she has come through rather serious love affairs about which all her fans know. heart

One of her boyfriends was Mackinzie Dae. He is an Internet celebrity as he has established his own fitness program.

The couple had been dating until 2018 and later they had to part. That was rather unpleasant and painful for Ayla though she did not lose her usual optimism and told to her fans everything about the reasons of the break on her social nets accounts. There was a video on You Tube which was titled ‘Why I Left’ which very soon got a crazy number of watches. strong

Now the star is alone but not lonely. She is a good friend of Logan Paul with whom she started her Internet career. She makes collaboration videos together with him. sunglasses

The majority of her admirers wonder if these people have any romantic relationship but Ayla does not confirm anything. She has made the videos with his participation which are really funny and interesting. They are called ‘Reaction To Paul’s New Assistant’, ‘I Stole Logan’s Puppy’ and many other ones.


Height / How Tall?

Height in Feet:

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All want to know how tall the star is.

Ayla is a real goddess as she has a wonderful height of 4 feet and 11 inches. It is approximately one meter and fifty centimeters. fire

 Her slim and sporty figure plus her height of an elf make her a real wonder and a dream for a big mass of her followers.

Ayla Woodruff height
photo: instagram.com/ayla_woodruff


Video With Ayla Woodruff

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