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Zach Herron

date of birth

Birth Date:
May 27, 2001

Place of birth

Dallas, TX

Real Name

Real Name:
Zachary Dean Herron

Birth Zodiac Sign

Zodiac Sign:

Height in feet

5 FT 8 IN OR 173 CM


Net Worth:

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Biography and Occupation:

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Zach Herron’s biography is rather unusual for a young and promising celebrity. He got to fame due to his attempts to sing that he had never taken seriously. strong

He still thinks that he has become an artist not due to his amazing talent but thanks to the kindness and tolerance of his audience.

Before he became famous he had had a bio of a simple boy from Texas who liked music and likes singing.

heart Zach was born on the 27th of May, 2001, in Dallas. He was an active student of High School who participated in different talent shows just for fun.

He was a member of an acting circle and the school choir. Once Zack was chosen to participate in a program designed for developing of promising artists and since that time he has got his popularity. He was given a chance to take part in local concerts and his social net accounts burst with the offers of friendship from the admiring crowd.

In 2016 his cover version of the song called ‘Stiches’ brought him millions of views on You Tube.

A bit later he created a song called ‘Timelapse’ and yet more later he became a part of the band called ‘Why Don’t We’. The band is famous for its works ‘Nobody Gotta Know’ and ‘Taking You’. The five-member group gives live concerts which make them even more popular among the spectators.  

Facts! explosion

There are a lot of interesting facts that might satisfy the curiosity of his fans.

  1. His full name is Zachary Dean Herron. smirk
  2. He seldom uses his middle name as he prefers simplicity.
  3. Zach has several favorite colors one of which is green that shows that he is an optimistic person.
  4. He likes to do his hair up and it takes him nearly half an hour to do it.
  5. He has never shared the secret product that helps him do such an original and cute hairstyle.
  6. There are several videos on You Tube that are devoted to Zach Herron and Loren Gray. They have thousands of views because everyone wonders if they really know each other and have any friendly or love relationship.

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How Old is Zach Herron?:

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One of the most actual questions for the audience is how old Zach is.

blush He was born on the 21st of May, 2001, in Dallas. wink

By the age of fifteen the boy has managed to become a winner of local music competitions, to become a part of a band and to establish the huge fanbase on the Internet.

The boy was born under the sign of Gemini. strong

People who belong to this sign are clever, witty, brave and very light-hearted. They are inborn entertainers who are able to make the audience forget about the troubles and worries and plunge into the magic world of music.

As for Zach he is also amazing for his optimism and modesty which makes him an unusual part of music celebrity.

Zach Herron Age
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net worth

Net Worth

Zach Herron Net Worth and Money Today:

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500 000 USD ($) - 2019 crown
Zach Herron's net worth
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Infromation about Mom:

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dancer The mother’s name is Myta Herron

She is also known on social nets as a mum of a star. She is rather supportive of Zach in his achievements. 

Myta Herron Zach Herron's Mother
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Information about Dad:

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Zach was raised in a big family which has three kids.

Their father’s name is Josh Herron. walk

Due to his famous son he became a star of the Instagram and is famous as the dad of a star.

Josh Herron - Zach Herron's Father
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Zach Herron Brothers and Sisters:

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The singer has a sister and a brother. Their names are Reese and Ryan. heart

Thanks to his fame and popularity they became starts of the Internet and have a lot of friends among performers.

Reese Herron - Zach Herrin's Sister
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Facts about Girlfriends:

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The audience and the fans are nearly bursting with curiosity and excitement when they think about all this ‘Does Zach Herron Have A Girlfriend?’ – theme. Indeed the question concerning the sexual orientation of an artist is rather vulnerable and interesting.

heart There was a triggering picture on Zach’s Instagram account where he was hugging a girl. All that fans made a conclusion that it was his girlfriend.

Actually, he is not involved into relations now and the girl he was hugging on the picture was just a lucky fan that would cherish the moment for the rest of her life.


Height / How Tall?

Height in Feet:

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Looking at the cute pictures of the young artist everyone can see that he does not have a big height.

strong For the most curious fans who cannot sleep until they learn how tall Zach is there is the info that he is 1 meter and 70 centimeters tall

It is about five feet and eight inches.

He has a sporty figure and a delicate build that makes him the subject of dreams for many girls. wink



What about Merchandise or Shop?:

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Having become a star Zach has developed a number of online stores where his admirers can buy different things with the prints of his portrait and the logo of his band. For example, on the official merch site of his group there are T-shirts, hoodies, sportswear.

A long-sleeve shirt can be ordered for 30 bucks. A hoodie can be bought for about 40 dollars. polo-shirt

The merch of the young artist is in high demand as there is no better present for a teenager who has a good taste and who likes the music of the band ‘Why Don’t We’.


Zach Herron: Snapchat account and etc.

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Zach is a contemporary person who likes all the advantages that modern technologies give to people. He uses different social nets to communicate with this followers and fans. One of such a nets is Snapchart.

crown Zach Herron's Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/Zach_Herr0n (Zach_Herr0n) - Scan to add it when you will open this page.

He likes to upload little funny videos and pictures that amuse his audience. Due to this social nets his admirers know what is going on in his life, about his everyday routine, his favorite things, likes, dislikes, opinions about films and new songs. They look forward to his new posts and learn about his creative plans for the future with the help of this up-to-date social net.


Video With Zach Herron

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