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About Us

For those who cannot live without the updated news concerning the today’s celebrity’s lifestyle, famous artists’ fresh creations and their recent passions, interests, fads and devotions, there’s Fame.Wiki. It is specially designed for the fans of:

  • performers;
  • actors and actresses;
  • bloggers and vloggers;
  • sportsmen and dancers.

If you are eager to know what your idol eats for supper and in what colors he prefers to have his hair dyed you have entered the right site. We will give you the most actual info about the latest masterpieces which have been released by the stars, the tours they have undertaken, the crimes they have been charged for, their hobbies, addictions, as well as their love-affairs. 

So, thanks to Fame. Wiki you will get all the lowdown of contemporary demigods and cult figures. 

The most significant challenges of the resource are:

  • to provide the visitors with the truthful data about famous people;
  • to collect and verify the information from different Internet sources to meet the demand of the readers;
  • to hunt for the most intriguing facts about the stars, such as their weight, tastes, sexuality.

Hence the site will appease the curiosity of its most inquisitive users and promote prominent performers and rising stars on the World Wide Web.